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D= Diameter
H= Height
L25cm x W25cm x H32.5cm
Available Colours: Natural Bamboo with rope handle
(includes glass cylinder)
Pack Size: Singles
Complimenting Candles: Pillar 5 x 13cm


Pillar 6.3 x 13cm


Large floating candle


Large tealight on a base of stones or sand to lift the height of the tealight (fill glass cylinder halfway with stones or sand)

We do not recommend using larger diameter candle, as the glass will get too hot and the candle will start melting over the sides.

For ease with lighting the Pillar or tealight candle, we recommend filling the base of the glass cylinder with stones or sand. If one does not want to use stones or sand with the Pillar candle, we recommend putting a little water (2 x tablespoons) inside the glass cylinder for ease of cleaning if any wax spills
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